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(Demo-graph released, various projects in production - contact if you need anything)


2014 . March . 15

The Download Section has been updated with a batch of 25 promotional images as well as links to the downloads for the MP3 and FLAC versions of both the Standard and Silent versions of "Fourteen Days." 


2014 . March . 14

Fourteen Days (Silent) now posted on the Vent 07 page.  The alternate (and to be commercial) version of the album will appear on all sources currently hosting the other six vents in coming weeks.  It will also appear on YouTube tomorrow.

The difference between the normal and "silent" versions is the removal of copyright materiel to enable monetization.  Without the change the price of licensing and royalties to enable making any profit would be far beyond what I am financially capable of absorbing.


2014 . March . 09

Symphony of Noise: Fourteen Days - live now.    


2014 . March . 08

1879 - wikipedia page.  This is also the number of bars on "Fourteen Days."


Vent 07
01 . MoToR
02 . Jorge
03 . ASAC
04 . Jokes
05 . Three Nails
06 . Air Raid
07 . The Castle Weeps
08 . Sensitivity
09 . Shielded
10 . By The Gun
11 . Dogs
12 . College
13 . Full Clear
14 . The Great Con
15 . Fuck The Empire



2014 . March . 07

social media screenshot roundup.



2014 . January . 01

Happy New Year, everyone!  May everything go better than expected.


2013 . November . 02

Something is fucking wrong with some of the FLAC renderings, not sure fucking why.  So I just took them down.  I will see what I can do for figuring that shit out.  I don't fucking understand.  But the MP3 version is still available.  Sorry for the trouble.


2013 . October . 31

Just before November.....  We have the NIN category and of course the Vent category.  Now we have the Zero category.  I needed a Zero category. This is quite bad. 1 and 8 are fine.  But 9 is just a string of loops.  And fuck it.  On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give it a fuckit.  Fuckitfuckit.  That's what I would rate it.  Cover art and worked into the discography and all that shit this weekend.

Yes.  I realize this isn't Vent 7.  Vent 7 isn't close to being ready.  Part of Vent 7 might just be on this release.

ZERO - 01

Demo-graph . zip . mp3

01 . Descent into Madness . mp3
(guitar = Navin from Bloodcow, with audio from random ass reverend and a
Glenn Beck phone call and whatever that screaming dipfuck sports fan's name is.)

02 . Misplaced Focus . mp3
03 . .22 . mp3
04 . Real Thirst . mp3
05 . Wayward and Headstrong . mp3
06 . Scatter in the Light . mp3
07 . Unbridled Patience . mp3
08 . Suppressed . mp3
09 . Hiphop Set (extended) . mp3


2013 . September . 22

On September 29th:

NIN 03 . Fall to Darkness

01 . While I'm Still Feared
02 . The Seas
03 . All Time Descent
04 . Did You Imagine
05 . Zero Out
06 . Down Twice
07 . The Greatly Destroyed
08 . 10 Mile Fall
09 . Running Down
10 . New Black Flesh


2013 . September . 15

Feels good, man.  Have all the vents on YouTube and BandCamp now.  Links added to vent pages and website splash page.


2013 . September . 09

Look, it's text.  I always have the best intentions when forcing graphics so everything looks exactly how I want it to across all platforms without people's custom text sizes throwing a wrench into things.  But when the reality slaps me in the face of the large amount of editing it then takes to do tiny updates...  I never touch it again.  So I'm doing this.  Again.  Found a way it doesn't kill me to see changes from one platform to the next.  Well, not found for this - but pulling some things out from other websites I've worked on and using the tactics here.

I kind of wanted Vent 07 to be done by the time the website went live.  And I could have thrown one together just to get something out there.  But that's not good enough for me. 


no previos news - nothing worth discussing over the last few years.  sorry.