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Symphony of Noise was first used as a term to describe Nine Inch Nails to people who hadn't heard it before.  Over time Erik Smith decided to start a NIN fansite.  The name he chose for it was a very natural Symphony of Noise.  Another thing Erik used to do was write and create various types of art.  Through the course of adding things to the NIN fansite and learning more about art and web design, he started doing non NIN related things.  

Not long after that Erik started making music beyond his past doodling on an organ or piano.  When it came time to figure out a name for it he chose to use Symphony of Noise. 

The first album was originally called Looking Down Into the Valley of Thorns.  It was going to be part one of three in a three part concept album I've had in my head since the late 90s.  It was later renamed Point of Access.  The album The Death of it All was originally going to be The River of Piss, part two.  A lack of backing up files properly mixed with a loss of a hard drive caused me to be left with only the demo form of most of the songs.  I couldn't continue work without the masters.  So it became The Death of it All.  I still haven't really finished any of that trilogy. 

Symphony of Noise is now part of the Pondbrain network.  I used to put all of my artistic type work under Symphony of Noise including other websites, graphical and textual work.  That was too confusing for too many people so it all ended up in Pondbrain.


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