Symphony of Noise



2022 . 01 . 02 . 03:45

Shit is waking back up.  HATE ALL.  Symphony of Noise.  FAPC.  Empty Hope.  Textual Reverence.  It's all waking back up.

But for now....




2019 . 11 . 09 . 23:02

HATE ALL LISTENERS: visit here for alternate audio project by Erik Smith (creator of Symphony of Noise)


2017 . 10 . 22 . 17:05

Pre-Purchase Discontinued
Those of you who pre-purchased will still receive the emails every bit as often as you've been receiving them. New SoN/HAL content will keep flowing.

I would rather people support me through bandcamp subscriptions. This will accomplish the same thing as a preorder does for Infinite Machine - but not only that, it will give old content and bandcamp exclusives, as well as all future albums as the subscription continues. There is so much completed in folders (as email recipients know) that at least one album will be done this year, regardless of what it turns out to be. Next year I'm sure two to four will get done.  There's so much stuff, as more and more gets cut to other projects, others just get left behind. As those build up they'll make up new ZERO releases.


2017 . 07 . 17 . 17:17

Progress is being made on Infinite Machine. It still may be several months, maybe even years, before it is completed. There is so much sitting around in folders, though, I have made it available for pre-purchase.

I will be sending goodies periodically to those who have pre-purchased it.


Note: for all who wanted decals who have yet to order them - there are plenty left.


2017 . 05 . 05 . 19:25

My original model for distributing Symphony of Noise was to give it away for free - accept donations - and sell merch (as well as physical copies.) I figured, it would give people a chance to hear it one way or another. Also, if people fell in love with it, they could show support by buying the music digitally or physically.

Since then, I have been through various periods of serious financial hardships. I'm not doing great right now, but am more comfortable than I was several years ago. At that time, I took the free music down and put various methods of listening out there (which make me money.) One of which is my favorite, Spotify. They are all still available there.

Watching what Run The Jewels has done, it makes me happy. They do what I wanted to do. Though, both guys had a following before they started this and have done amazingly well - they have the same idea. And that is the correct idea, I believe.

So, today I posted all my original work again for free. Also, a link exists if people want to go throw money at me through Bandcamp.

Currently no demand exists for physical copies, and little demand exists through bandcamp. But either way, I think it's the right thing to do.

With Love,
Erik Smith



2016 . 07 . 01 . 00:00

Where did the pretty go?
There is no more pretty. Only music. Only the cover art. Only the distortions that appear and disappear. Only the words, and the writings, and the scratches on the door.

What are you talking about?
What is anyone talking about? What are you talking about? Enjoy what is, while it is, before it is no more. That's all there is to say.

Where can I get music, now?
Hop on over to Bandcamp. That will be where all digital goods are sold from now on.