Symphony of Noise

HATE ALL LISTENERS: visit here for alternate audio project by Erik Smith (creator of Symphony of Noise)



Who is Symphony of Noise?

Erik Smith has created the vast majority of all Vents, safe for noted guitar or layer work here and there on select tracks. NIN 1 and 3 are essentially sound collages and vastly edited Nine Inch Nails layers. NIN 2 is merely a mixtape with some minor edits - as is the Tech N9ne mix. All Zero releases are essentially EPs, save for Vibrations, which was an experiment that Erik did not believe deserved to be a vent. As an example, here is an unreleased gem that I'm proud of which never made it on to anything. Aging Never-Was.


Former Web Presence

Though Symphony of Noise has been available on a variety of platforms including iTunes and Spotify, Amazon and Google Play store, through the years, those days have come and gone. The fan base that once was, is no more. An effort to expand, failed. Now everything is being sold through Bandcamp. If you want music, that's where you'll go to buy it. If you want physical merch, that will be sold from here.



There was another long period through the last half of 2014 and all of 2015 where Erik had given up hope and desire to touch Symphony of Noise again. The urge was there, though. Just, the time was not. The urgebuilt through the first months of 2016. Bits here and there thrown together in evenings and mornings while his new baby slept, slowly started to coalesce into more. These pieces drove the search for free time to use to make more. Now a smattering of tracks and ideas are finally looking to form into Infinite Machine. But the road ahead is long, and the stuff being filed away for other releases grows as things don't fit the plan for Infinite Machine. And it will go according to plan. One album has to, after all.